Tuesday, October 11, 2011

when you find yourself a-walking in the woods
don't forget to leave behind your lugagge
those suitcases will hold you back
getting caught in trees!
and stumbling over every fallen log

when you're in the bog!
keep your feet dry
don't hesitate to bring along
another pair of shoes
a handkerchief is always handy
for sending signals out
and you might want
a book or two
to while the empty hours away
till someone digs you out

and as you wander through the fields
don't forget your compass
grass is all
so much alike
and there's such a way to go!

and when you make it through the mountains
wrapped inside your blanket
crawling through the snow...

and finally, down below
walking to the shore
waiting waiting
till your ship comes in

and all your things are gone by then
left them all behind
the socks the shoes the syllogisms
the hankie and the hankering
the money and the misery
you won't need them now

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