Sunday, October 2, 2011

is it time for a Johnson's Toast break?

it's always time for a Johnson's Toast break!

morning morning noon and night
Johnson's Toast will make it all right

are ye havin a bad day?

ay, tis a long weary road and i cannot go on

why not try some Johnson's Toast?

heartbreak failure beggary
all the ills of mankind
just try a little - Johnson's Toast!

sadness madness misery
desperation all around
suicidal inclinations
waiting for that - morning train

well hang on, brother, just hang on!
here's the Johnson's, you can make it!
here's a loaf, go on, take it!

when all your friends have left you in the lurch
don't waste your time on some old musty church
there nothing for you there!
when even god don't seem to care

bring in the Johnson's, he'll be fine
all his cares will fall away
ooh it's crunchy-brown Johnson's
the best you ever had!!

and life
begins again
with Johnson's

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