Saturday, April 25, 2015

our new spring product line

USB nose spray
tired of lugging around that old-fashioned AC adaptor? well, with new USB nose spray, just plug and go! works in any USB outlet - laptop, desktop, tablet, even your brand new smartphone! in seconds you'll be experiencing nasal relief.

potato-flavored socks
delicious side dish or handy liner for your shoes? you be the judge!

souvenir toothpaste
now, brush your teeth with the logo of your favorite monument or resort right on the tube! teeth just feel cleaner when your favorite beach or campground is nearby. or let the eiffel tower make them whiter than white! freshen your breath with the soaring vistas of mount rainier! makes a great gift for friends and family.

cheese in a bag
you think it's obvious? well, picture this. the finest bag of imported cashmere with solid-gold designer logos on both sides! inside, an assortment of the world's most select cheeses. available in 1, 5 and 10-pound sizes.

Balloon For A Day
make any household object into a fun, decorative balloon. just attach Balloon For A Day, and go! your coffee mug, toothbrush holder, file cabinet or similar is filled with top-quality helium and floats to the ceiling, where it remains for a full 24 hours. your friends will be amazed!! warning: does not work on toast, pets, or your mother-in-law.

do you like astronomy? and a lovely floral arrangement? well, who doesn't! now have them both in one with Bouquet-o-Stars! comets, nebulae, and colorful suns from every position on the morgan-keenan spectrum adorn a hand-crafted ceramic vase. great for the livingroom, diningroom, or "just anywhere". plus, all-natural stellar light will save you hundreds on your electricity bill!