Saturday, June 4, 2011

are aliens taking over the universe? i want to know!

aliens are RIGHT HERE in your backyard. how do you know? you don't!

well, what am i supposed to do about it?


maybe i'm an alien.

no. definitely not.

how do you know???

think about it.

oh. no way!!

and to think i had you fooled all these years!


dude, i report to alpha sigma alpha alpha every day. i have a secret transmitter, right over there in that tree.

woah. how does it work?

it's like this - why not? er...come in alpha sigma! please send transformation beam. ... well??

woah. did you just turn green?

i did. do you like it?

uh...i have to go home now.

i can beam you there if you like.

no, that's ok! i can walk!!

ok dude. just let me know if you need anything from the other side of the galaxy.

yah tell them they can fix my car!! seriously dude i gotta go.

i'll let them know.

and are you any wiser now, little earthling?