Tuesday, March 17, 2015

is your home too quiet? that eerie feeling...you can't concentrate. you need Door-Banger!

just attach Door-Banger to one or more inside doors of your house or apartment (bathrooms included), and we guarantee that within minutes you'll be able to relax! Door-Banger's patented "randomizer" picks the time - just when you're least expecting it! loud slams vibrate the very foundations of your home or office. wow, it's like thunder! or, for a lighter disturbance, set Door-Banger to "repeat" mode, and enjoy a series of bangs and crashes lasting up to 20 minutes! you can't lose with Door-Banger.


new, from the folks that brought you Door-Banger, it's Random Radio! turns itself on and off up to 50 times per hour! you never know what station you'll get - or how loud! give your home that lived-in feel.

and now - with motion detection! as you reach to shut off that annoying noise (is it FOX? greatest hits of the 70s?) Random Radio MOVES AWAY FROM YOU! oh no, what do i do now??? plus, set to "max" and it will also INCREASE THE VOLUME! you can't lose!!


and finally our newest product, Backfiring Car! also includes "stuck alarm" and "grinding brakes" settings. wake up the whole neighborhood with this authentic-looking junker that fits easily into your driveway, on-street parking or side yard. ladies like the "El Camino" model! add extra rust and spare tires for that "visual noise" effect, or a half-empty box of tools to imply that "you're really going to fix it soon". there won't be a dull moment with Backfiring Car around!