Tuesday, May 17, 2011


it's dark
out here
and there's nobody

wander through the endless streets
nobody, there's nobody

walking through the endless twilight
empty buildings
falling down
and nobody around

Monday, May 9, 2011

the materialization of experience

have you ever had a moment, say with a flower, or a walk at sunset, a moment when everything seems larger or more real, almost speaking to you? well, then you know what the correct response is - put it on facebook! right away! failing that an email or text to the nearest available friend, or at the very least a few well-chosen pictures for your gallery (make sure to spend some time on the right camera setting and angle).

music is also good for this. anytime you seem to be getting somewhere with it, be sure to leap up and make a note of it. your buddy might like this too! take some time to look up his new email address. as for poetry, it's good for memorizing, reading out in funny voices, or looking up online so you can explain exactly what "shelley" was talking about. your friends will be very impressed.

finally, have you considered tweeting from church or other suitable events? pictures of the choir, priest, meditating monks etc will look very nice on flickr. this is guaranteed to end any ineffable or uplifting sensations almost immediately, though you may hang on just long enough for a snappy description. try "i felt my soul soar", or "almost as good as woodstock". even better, "it was beyond words"!

as if!! NOTHING is beyond words, and you may certainly quote me on that. please include link and suitable attribution.