Friday, November 11, 2011

an elusive series of intervals


are you a void avoider?
void avoidance is a serious disorder!
series, in order

infinitude, a plenitude, necessarily speaking
ekeing out, pointless, uneaten
too crude!

stop it

amazing, a mazer
says later

stop it
you'll drop it

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

further moralistic observations from outer space

yes, time for more sparkling commentary on planet earth! for instance, while many of its citizens consider themselves religious, or possibly scientific atheists, there is a clear tendency towards unabashed paganism. just regard the easter bunny, santa claus, "uncle sam" et al. under the sheer commercialism of it, which may waylay you, is a greedy wish for endless celebration. if in any doubt, notice the proliferation of newer spring holidays - you can now enjoy guilt-free drunkenness every few weeks until it's warm enough for picnics again!

meanwhile the year descends towards so-called thanksgiving, in which drinking is closely followed by overeating (see christmas), likewise college football. and speaking of a pagan celebration! young men in tights and shoulder pads hurtling against one another as the lone runner strives for the goal. soon to be followed by young men in shorts tossing balls through a basket, young men in stripes hitting balls with a bat, and older men in plaid hitting very small balls with a long expensive stick.

but against the clean apollonian cult of the sporting life is set the dark dionysian mysteries of the so-called "rock" world. youngish men in black leather and eyeliner hurl themselves around stages, often proudly addled with drugs. and do not inquire what happens afterwards! if you doubt the religious overtones, note the swooning "fans", likewise those who will pay hundreds for a souvenir of their idol, preferably signed. a small altar in the corner of the home is nice, and if it gets too crowded, there's always ebay.

we have nothing against pagans on the whole, but it would be nice if they could just admit it. a christmas tree packed with goodies and an "angel" on the top doesn't quite make your priorities clear. no not even if it plays "away in a manger"and comes with matching barstools! (see also easter, if you can even remember that it once had some significance other than chocolate rabbits and candy eggs, hint hint.)

sometimes one suspects their secret wish is to return all the way, a giant ecological disaster and then straight back to full-blown paganism, leaping in the fields, altars everywhere. no more fussing around with attempts at higher civilization: it wasn't much fun, was it?

ah well, a mere 44 shopping days till christmas - the biggest retail season of the year!