Sunday, January 30, 2011

new salty sweety crunchy chips! new salty sweety butter-flavored crunchy chips! new salty sweety crunchy chips with extra blueberries! new salty sweety butter-flavored crunchy chips with extra blueberries and a prize in every package!

wow! are they all-natural?

yes!! they are all-natural, refreshing, and just the cooling drink to end your busy day.

i like it!! and what about that prize??

win big! collect a prize from every package and enter in our grand one-time drawing for an award of ONE MILLION DOLLARS!

i'm already there!!

yes, you are. and in the meantime may we purchase your soul for a very cheap price, attractively packaged?

huh what???

that's right, just sign here with one of our extra-new gold-sparkle flibbo pens, guaranteed to draw a crowd, and we'll be away!

can i keep it??

yes!! this pen is ALL YOURS! and we'll even throw in this pad of shiny-glo flibbo paper, featuring all your favorite celebrity characters.

wow!!! it even has dodney duston, the fab new singer that everyone's mad about!!

it does! and soon you'll be joining dodney and the gang in HELL! but don't let that spoil your fun.

spoil it?? i can hardly wait! me, dodney, and a lifetime supply of flibbo pens?! can't i just go now?

patience, my child. for you have many a beverage to drink and product to buy before then. now here is your check for ONE MILLION DOLLARS, and do please close the door as you go.

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