Tuesday, November 17, 2009


in lingua latina dico, illa via ambulat. ambulat illa multibus horibus. tum in nocte, ambulantem illae sistit. sed ambulat in somnis etiam?


then in that time (tum illo tempore) she left her home (domum eam discedit) and walked into a world where she she could no longer speak her own language.

through much effort she learned to speak and even understand the natives of that place. an awkward business, and one she never really mastered. once or twice indeed she did attempt to teach someone there her own language, but there was no wish to learn. "waste my time on that?" they cried scornfully. "when i have business to do, that will not wait!"

well, she thought, softly sighing, perhaps it is so and indeed a great deal of business did seem to be transacted in those days. day and night did they transact, and often for valuable items. many would pile high these, many resell, even a few did give them away.

and in the night she did steal away and speak to herself, speak softly, once more, her own native language. was no one to answer, but ever? for home was far behind her and may not be recaptured.

and yet the trees did answer, and the night itself, and the stars spoke softly. sometimes they did. and again no one to hear it, but not needed; it was enough.

and somehow she survived, in this strange country, for many a year. a little hut, a few transactions. not much to buy, or worth buying, but she could sell with a will and not even get much in return! "oh what a seller be ye", they cried, and again she tried to give something away to them. but they weren't a-having it! "it can't be worth much," they sniffed, and set it aside, and off again in pursuit of some valuable item with fresh new price tag and product endorsement.

well leave it out then and the little ones may creep closer and take it. take it, please take it, she thought, and in the morning oft was it gone.

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