Friday, June 13, 2014

bringing it all back home

a classic album by bob dylan, yes, but as a way of life it is not entirely feasible. how is one to ship many tons of stuff halfway across the galaxy? if everything one has found or learned from here were to go, one would have to hire a large size freighter! as it is, one will be lucky to find transport at all. the cats may be somewhat surprised at first, but will soon be enjoying the lower gravity.

meantime we are sifting through the many years of accumulation, a pastime even known to the natives if not much practised. how many boxes of old recipes etc can a person acquire in one short "lifetime"?

well! what will i actually take? a few small items from the collection of oddities, perhaps. some of these so-called books. all the old notebooks and "letters" can be removed in advance, not at all interesting, other than the funny parts. where is the invention of fruities, the colorful cheerful fun treat? now with accessories! and how about the self-propelling pants? or perhaps i made that one up just now. save yourself a trip to the store, with new "walkin' jeans"! just attach the handy money belt and carrying sack, and in minutes you will have that box of wheat thins and all-natural cheese. without even leaving the couch!


just kidding. reassignment is many years away.

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