Sunday, October 27, 2013

more products!!

choc-o-noodle soup
ever had a craving for rich dark chocolate, or a hearty fills-you-up bowl of soup? well, now you can have them IN ONE! savory, satisfying noodle soup, in a creamy chocolate broth. wow!! just add hot water, and in five minutes you'll be enjoying a rich, steaming treat.

nonalcoholic garlic toast
tired of morning-after suffering? and yet you just can't resist the rich buttery taste...just one more piece! oh, man, my head!! well, now you can eat the whole loaf and still wake up clear-headed and ready to go! get ahead of the competition - avoid those embarrassing faux pas - hangover-free indulgence awaits!

coffee nuts
like the crunch of delicious roasted nuts? like the rich flavor and head-clearing rush of a good cup of coffee? you guessed it, they're now combined! coffee nuts go everywhere, they're discreet and easy to eat, and best of all, they're SO CRUNCHY! snack on the go, no more wasting time in line at starbucks - you want it now!

fruit-free pretzels
so you enjoy a handful of crunchy, salty pretzels, fresh from the oven, but you're sick of all that fruit? well, do we have a treat for you! these new pretzels are guaranteed ABSOLUTELY FRUIT-FREE! if you find even one piece of fruit in them, we'll give you double your money back! at last, peace of mind.

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