Monday, September 12, 2011

a vasty wasteland of despair

inefficiency. someone at home must have gone on vacation. you may find it hard to believe, but you could send me things that would make my job much easier!

for instance. a metabolic upgrade would be nice. the temperature controls don't work, and it has to eat all the time; it seems all day long to be stuffing itself with toast. otherwise it falls over.

likewise lacking in local currency, getting much harder to come by. please arrange for lottery winning or easy new job.

meanwhile i struggle; full of toast i lurch to the local shipping center to send out used musical items for very small amounts. someone out there is accumulating! why do these ants each need their own plastic disk and included literature to enjoy sonic entertainments? where is the central library?

(note also shipping costs for five men + lackeys, many tons of equipment, etc - the only thing more foolish than mailing out millions of disks is flying in the people that play on them. as so often something backwards here. do they actually like doing everything the wrong way around?)

as for me i continue to amuse myself with the planet's literature, still available in the older "paper" format. though this does create resource issues, some being handled. this era as you know is slowly moving towards self-sufficiency, or possibly self-destruction.

in the meantime i regale myself with lively depictions of the 19th and early 20th century. hard at times to believe these are the same creatures currrently spinning disks and watching screens, surrounded by machinery. despite being very busy they lack all purpose. this may eventually occur to them.

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