Thursday, August 4, 2011

fish like toast!!

did you know that fish like toast? they do! just toast a slice or two of your favorite bread (butter optional) and head for your nearest pond or river. now, hold out the toast. be careful, you may get more than you bargained for! eager toast-seeking fish from miles around will soon be heading your way.

"tis toast they like," says old alfred gamp, man of many waters. you may see him every afternoon on the banks of the river eld, greeting his favorites with an overflowing toast-rack.

"what about muffins?" wonders young ned. "not so's you'd notice," says alf grimly. "they're toast-mad!" "i won't be a wasting this crumpet then!" smirks ned as he saunters off.

"he won't be back," mutters alf, shaking his head. "ah, tis just me now, lads. care for another slice?"

and weary wander home the readers of this story.

* * *

morals never matter
to a fellow who is fatter
when there's toasting to be had it's all for him!

the fish can go a begging
for soon he'll be a legging
off into the corner where he'll eat the whole thing

but someday he will be a fish
and then won't you see him wish
for just a little bit of toasting just for him
and a kinder type of feller
comes along with his umbreller
feeding fishies with a smile rain or shine

and around will go the wheel another time

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