Tuesday, July 13, 2010

there's a world where everything changes. nothing is ever the same. people are different from one day to the next, and you are too.

do i know who you are?

i don't know, who are you?

and he says, i used to know you.

and she says, i know you too.

it's easy then.

the trees are tall but they change color. or aren't there.

outside you see the clouds. inside you see yourself.

somehow out is in and in is out. and you know where the door is, don't you?

inside another world goes by, sailing slowly past the window. where was it? i saw everything, all at once, and they were all there, and nothing changing. all the same colors, but they were blue, and darker blue, and small new mountains.

and here the mountains are old and regrown. they come and go. on top of them, emptiness, the next thing to space. the stars very close in the blackness.

then in the morning the field again, and the worn old rocks of it, as if it had been gone a million years ago.

and well you might speak.

something changes.

she's frightened. the sun isn't rising, or is it? don't you know? i can't tell. i'm new here.

i know.

and inside again night falls and curtains are closed. like a house, a real one. i almost remember this.

sooner or later we all must go.

i know that. but help me. stay here.

i will. i'm not changing. do you see?

i am. help me.

and inside and outside he holds her.

in the grass. by the flowers.

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