Monday, June 21, 2010

oh god
out there in eternity
where all things are as one
and all time spread before you
all comes to pass
in endlessness
and all rises to the source
and nothing lost

and yet down here
a moment on another one
and other other other ones
empty, empty, running dry
stuck in it up to our necks
time pressing down upon us
and all to fill
endless years of empty moments

so if it happens now or later
you don't care
it's all the same
and if i come in now or later
you don't care
it's still the game
you always win it
now, or later
as if to you they were the same
but to us waiting down here
where years go by with nothing for it
it matters!
more than anything

but you can't see it
stuck there
in eternity

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